Interior Design

Graphic Design

“Blue Sky (Design) Thinking”

–  to do the most creative thinking you possibly can,

that is not conventional and not grounded in today’s reality. –

Through implementing this thought process designers really think outside the box in order to solve current challenges. Once you’ve vetted out the crazy creative ideas, it’s time to reel it in in order to see what you can use now or in the near future. One of the benefits of doing projects like this is to break  design norm patterns. We go out into the world to create inspiration boards of current products, investigate new innovative technology products, and see what various different strategies or products can be brought together to solve current challenges and inspire the future. This also helps pushing design skills and creating new innovative products and ideas within a team. The ultimate goal of Blue Sky Design Thinking is to take what you currently have and push your product or service into the future for an ever better, unexpected user experience.